Bunk-In Program




The East Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department operates a very aggressive student bunk-in Program which coincides with the Fire Protection Technology program at Onondaga Community College.

This program benefits both the East Syracuse community and the students themselves. The community benefits by having already trained firefighters living at both fire stations during the school year. Students are required to answer alarms whenever they are at the fire station. If an alarm comes in and the student is getting ready for school, the student is not required to go to the alarm. The students education is our first priority.

The program also benefits the students by not only giving them a free place to live while they are enrolled in college, but they also gain the experience of being a firefighter in a very busy and progressive fire department. Some of our students come from fire departments that have as low as 300 calls per year. The East Syracuse Fire Department averages 1,000 calls per year.

Both East Syracuse Fire Stations have shared dorm rooms to accomidate students. East student has their own bed, dresser, night stand, and desk. Each station includes a kitchen, television lounge, showers, locker room, fitness gym, laudry machines, and Internet Access. Soft drinks and Gatorade are supplied by the department. Students supply their own food and transportation.

All students must maintain membership with their home departments during their stay. When operating as student bunk-in's, they are considered mutual-aid members and are covered by their home departments insurance.

Student Bunk-In’s must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • Must already be an active member of a volunteer fire department in New York State and stay an active member while being a student bunk-in.
  • Must already have NYS Firefighter 1 completed
  • Must be a matriculated student in the Fire Protection technology Program at Onondaga Community College
  • Cannot  be from Onondaga County


2019-2020 Bunk-Ins


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Past Bunk-Ins




Jason Haas (2005-2007)



Andrea Herubin (2006-2008)

EAVES (East Area Volunteer Emergency Services)


Nate Baker (2006-2008)

East Syracuse Fire Department

Fayetteville Fire Department


Jeff Allen (2008-2010)

Albany City Fire Department


Ethan Darbee (2009-2011)

AMR Ambulance


Jake Johnson (2008-2010)

AMR Ambulance


Joe Bergin (2011-2012)

Yorktown Heights Fire Department


Mike Arrigoni (2011-2013)

Yorktown Heights Fire Department


Jack Rotariu (2011-2013)

East Syracuse Fire Department 

City of Syracuse Fire Department


Willie Browne (2011-2014)

NYS Thruway

East Syracuse Fire Department


Dylan Baker (2012-2014)

Roscoe-Rockland Fire Department


Brennon Tompkins (2012-2014)

Cooperstown Medical Transport

Justin Russell (2012-2014)

Jonesville Fire Department

SRI Fire Sprinklers LLC.


Matt Stewart (2012-2014)

Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department

Westchester County Dept. of Corrections


Jeremy Asencio (2013-2014)

Virginia Beach Fire Department


Matt Mallory (2014-2015)

United States Marine Corps
Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department


Ryan Howles (2013-2015)


Matt Eichler (2014-2015)

Montrose Fire Department
Liam Maguire (2014-2016)
Matt Hauf (2014-2016)
Holland-Patent Engine Company
VA Firefighter
Mike Fitzgerald (2014-2016)
Ulster Hose Co. #5
Lukas Boyle (2014-2016)
Ulster Hose Co. #5
Kyle Jones (2016-2018)
City of Oswego Fire
Keegan Dunn (2016-2018)
Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department


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