Station #1
204 North Center Street
E-1, E-3, T-1, R-1, SQ-1
Station #2
148 Sanders Creek Pkwy
E-2, E-4, T-2, R-2, SQ-2
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Acting Fire Chief
Chris Shields

Paul Knierman                                            
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Contact Information
East Syracuse Fire Department
204 North Center Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Non-Emergency: 315-437-3541 ext. 4
Emergency: 911
Engine 1
2012 E-One Teleboom
Location: Station 1
First due on ALL Structure Related Calls out of Station #1
Engine 2
1997 E-One Teleboom
Location: Station 2

Engine 2 responds second on all structure related calls.
Engine 3
2000 Pierce Engine
Location: Station 1

Engine 3 responds first out on all motor vehicle fires, outdoor fires, and mutual-aid calls where an engine is requested from Station 1. It also responds second out on all motor vehicle collisions, and third out on all fire calls.
Engine 4
2007 E-One Engine
Location: Station 2

Engine 4 is set up for both fire suppression and auto extrication purposes, carrying a vast majority of equipment including a Hurst combi-tool. Engine 4 runs first out on motor vehicle collisions, outdoor fires, motor vehicle fires, and anything else non-structure related. It runs third on all structure fires.
Rescue 1
1993 E-One Heavy Rescue
Location: Station 1

Rescue 1 responds first out to all motor vehicle collisions. It's a giant tool box on wheels that carries up to to twelve personnel. Equipment onboard includes a full compliment of Hurst equipment, high angle rope rescue gear, and the Hazardous Materials library and command center.
Rescue 2
1989 Mack Heavy Rescue
Location: Station 2

Rescue 2 responds to motor vehicle collisions and all hazardous materials calls. For motor vehicle collisions, it has a full compliment of Hurst auto extrication tools including specialty tools in the event of an industrial accident where a person becomes trapped in machinery. Rescue 2 is also the primary Hazardous Materials unit carrying most of the equipment needed for these type calls.
Squad 1
2001 Chevrolet (EMS Vehicle)
Location: Station 1
Squad 2
2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty
Location: Station 2

Squad 2 is used primarily for EMS related calls, responding as a BLS non-transporting vehicle. Along with assisting other apparatus for personnel.
Truck 1
2003 Pierce 95' Platform
Location: Station 1

Truck 1 responds second out for all fire type calls. This unit also responds mutual-aid to Dewitt and parts of Minoa when a truck company is requested from East Syracuse.
Truck 2
2003 E-One 100' Aerial Ladder
Location: Station 2

Truck 2 responds first on all structure related calls.